Mini Crane Maeda MC405-3 (Capacity 3.83T)

Mini Crane Maeda MC405-3 (Capacity 3.83T)

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Lifting capacity 3.83 T
Reach 20.5 M
Height 1.98 M
Width 1.38 M
Length 4.98 M
Weight 5600 KG


Discover the Maeda MC405-3 Mini Crane, a compact and robust lifting solution equipped with an impressive lifting capacity of 3.83 tonnes. With a reach of up to 20.5 meters and a lifting height of 1.98 meters, this crane is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern job sites.

The specifications of the Maeda MC405-3 Mini Crane include a width of 1.38 meters and a length of 4.98 meters, providing an optimal combination of maneuverability and performance. Weighing 5600 kg, this crane is sturdy and stable, ensuring precise and secure handling of loads.

Whether for applications in construction, industrial maintenance, or other sectors, the Maeda MC405-3 Mini Crane offers a reliable and efficient lifting solution. With its innovative design and quality construction, it guarantees increased productivity on the job site while ensuring the safety of operations.

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