Mini Crane Maeda MC285-3C (Capacity 2.82T)


Mini Crane Maeda MC285-3C (Capacity 2.82T)

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Lifting capacity 2.82 T
Reach 8.7 M
Height 1.47 M
Width 0.75 M
Length 3.285 M
Weight 1990 KG


Explore the Maeda MC285C-3 Mini Crane, a compact and powerful solution designed to meet your lifting needs up to 2.82 tonnes. With a reach of 8.7 meters and a lifting height of 1.47 meters, this crane offers exceptional versatility on job sites.

Featuring intelligent design, the Maeda MC285C-3 Mini Crane is perfectly suited for confined spaces with its compact dimensions of 0.75 meters in width and 3.285 meters in length. It can maneuver effectively in the tightest environments without sacrificing its lifting capacity.

Weighing only 1990 kg, this crane is lightweight and easily transportable, making it a practical choice for various applications. Whether you work in construction, industrial maintenance, or other sectors, the Maeda MC285C-3 Mini Crane provides a reliable and high-performing solution for your lifting operations.

Discover the Maeda MC285C-3 Mini Crane today and optimize your efficiency on the field while ensuring the safety of your lifting operations.

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